Aircraft Management Program

Precision Aviation, through its aircraft management program, relieves the owner of the complex tasks involved in the ownership of private or corporate aircraft. Although such tasks are not insurmountable, many aircraft owners elect to have professional management of their aircraft.

If you are considering purchasing an aircraft, we will first take you through the selection process. This will allow us to match the correct aircraft for your needs to the mission required of the aircraft. We will provide you with all of the information about the aircraft from performance capabilities and seating configurations to color.

Subsequent steps will put you in touch with a reputable broker to begin the process of locating the aircraft you have chosen.


We have a close association with brokers who will work with you through the completion of the purchase of a new or used aircraft.

Once the aircraft is delivered, we will provide for all of the functions required to operate the aircraft, including pilots, maintenance, pilot training, insurance, flight planning and catering.

Precision Aviation, with a commitment to Excellence in Aviation, will provide for all of your aircraft management needs.