Maintenance of Precision Aviation Inc.

Precision Aviation Maintenance is located at the Jerome County Airport, KJER. Our mechanics have over 30 years of combined aircraft maintenance experience providing maintenance and repair services for all general aviation and corporate aircraft. We perform a variety of general aviation maintenance services including:

  • Flat Rate Annual Inspections
  • Flat Rate Phase Inspections
  • 100 hour inspection
  • Dynamic propeller balancing
  • Engine changes
  • STC Installations
  • Pre-Buy Inspections

Items included in the flat rate inspection are as listed below:

  • 1 hour of AD research (If more than 1 hour is needed it will be extra)
  • Clean, gap, test, rotate spark plugs
  • Pre & Post run up for systems check
  • Compression check
  • Servicing battery/ Capacity check
  • Oil and filter change **
  • Air filter change **
  • Lubrication and servicing of pulleys, hinges and bell cranks
  • Cleaning, inspection and repacking of wheel bearings
  • Landing gear extension/retraction test if required
  • Mag to engine timing
  • Removal and installation of inspection panels and interior as necessary for inspection
  • ELT test and inspection per FAR 91.207 **
  • Inspection of aircraft

**Labor Only

Any special inspections for continued airworthiness per an installed STC, FAA form 337, Airworthiness Directive, etc. will be charged per hour at our shop rate. Parts and required repairs are not included in the flat rate and will be charged at normal shop rates. Contact Precision Aviation Maintenance for current shop rates or questions.

We hold the following authorizations:

  • StandardAero Authorized Customer Support Center Pratt & Whitney PT6 turbine engine series
  • Western Skyways Service Center
  • Factory authorized install center for Ice Shield electric and pneumatic de-ice boots

The operators of turbine aircraft can take comfort in the fact that our mechanics have an extensive background operating and maintaining a variety of turbo-prop and jet aircraft. This allows us to offer you a level of service and expertise that is not often found in a facility of our size. We have maintained King Air and Citation series aircraft for over 15 years under both part 91 and 135. To schedule maintenance service, please call (208)-320-0212 or via email at